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Revolving Matrix

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1.2% Daily Returns
Join dayspring to earn 1.2% daily
Anytime withdrawal,compounding allow

Matrix width: 2

Matrix deep: 2

Cycle entries: 1

Cycle bonus: 50

Ad Credits: 1,000

Refer VIP members to your network and make more money. You get (₦)1000 for every VIP member you refer to your network. You also get pass up commissions for your downline referrals..


There are currently 2 matrix deep and 2 matrix wide in one cycle. When a matrix cycle is completed and full it will be restarted to another cycle.

* Matrix 2 x 2
* Free Entry to the Matrix Silver
* Cash payout of 6,000
* 1,000 ad credits bonus


Matrix width: 2

Matrix deep: 2

Cycle entries: 2

Cycle bonus: 200

Ad Credits: 2,000

Ref. Cycle bonus: 50

* Matrix 2 x 2

* Free Entry to the Matrix Gold

* Cash payout of 12,000

2,000 ad credits bonus



Matrix width: 2

Matrix deep: 2

Cycle entries: 3

Cycle bonus: 300

Ad Credits: 5,000

Ref. Cycle bonus: 100

* Matrix 2 x 2
* Free Entry to the Matrix Platinum
* Cash payout of 18,000
5,000 ad credits bonus

Matrix width: 2

Matrix deep: 2

Cycle entries: 4

Cycle bonus: 300

Ad Credits: 6,000

Ref. Cycle bonus: 200

* Matrix 2 x 2
* Free Entry to the Matrix Diamond
* Cash payout of 24,000
* 6,000 ad credits bonus

Matrix width: 2

Matrix deep: 2

Cycle entries: 5

Cycle bonus: 500

Ad Credits: 7,000

Ref. Cycle bonus: 250

* Matrix 2 x 2

* Free Entry to the Matrix Titanium
* Cash payout of ₦30,000
* 7,000 ad credits bonus

Matrix width: 2

Matrix deep: 2

Cycle entries: 6

Cycle bonus: 600

Ad Credits: 10,000

Ref. Cycle bonus: 300

* Matrix 2 x 2

* Free Entry to the Matrix Titanium
* Cash payout of 36,000
* 10,000 ad credits bonus

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01/01/2018 10:47
Welcome to 2018!
  The Winthrills Network team wishes you peace, joy and prosperity throughout this new year. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the trust you have placed in us and best wishes for the holidays. Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to working with you many more years to come. Happy New Year from The WINThrills Network Team. 
07/12/2017 10:45
Full Steam Ahead For Bitcoin!
Market Analysis Bitcoin breaches $14,000 Just one day after reaching $12,000, BTC prices continued to soar, crossing the $13,000 and $14,000 milestones.  Despite all other top 10 cryptocurrencies registering losses, Bitcoin showed gains of more than 17%, climbing to  an overall market cap of more than $245 billion and pushing the crypto market closer to a total cap of $400 billion. ---------- *Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile investment product.  *Please note tha... 
07/12/2017 07:05
Newest Milestone For 2017
17/11/2017 23:07
You Asked, We listened!
  Introducing Hands-free Cryptocurrency Investing.   Winthrills Network is introducing Hands-free cryptocurrency investing alongside its Property  Crowdfunding to be an alternative investment portfolio to the growing demand of customers in the network.    You asked, we listened.   What is Cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies such as USD, but designed for the purpose of  exchanging digital information thr... 
07/04/2017 10:06
Crowdfunding Review: Spring 2017
Benchmarks for all running Crowdfunding portfolio will be reviewed and updated on 27 May, 2017.  All client portfolios are therefore managed against agreed benchmarks and risk limits. In establishing the guidelines for a new fund, great attention is paid to the investment objective of every client, the level of return which can be achieved and the level of risk which can be tolerated. We assess risk at various different levels including the level of the individual security and at th...